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Original and unique in its style, the Totem Radio has allowed the use of 16-Radio in confined spaces.

The new Headphones Case and Radio Case, created exclusively for GT racing series, come from the mixture of technological materials and show a compact, lightweight design.

Radio Case

Pitwall is an exemplary model of Design and Engineering characterized by aggressive style.

Stools retractable, dual monitors working on console, LED lighting, plexiglass anti-rain shelters, provision for laptop connection and satellite tv.

Pitwall evolution

Totem Monitor adds character and professionalism to your meeting rooms.

The result of a long process of study: provides a front flap that turns into a real workstation. Easily connected to your personal laptop will allow you to display presentations with class.

Totem monitor touch

These magnetic panels becomes a unique tool for its flexibility and ease of movement.

Our engineering department has accepted the challenge and was able to realize a hidden mechanism that allows the easy installation. The Design meets the Technology.

Magnetic Panels

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Design and construction of the TrafficLight F1 Pitlane.
From soft and futuristic design, it’s a concentrate of technology. Taken as a reference by our competitors, is still in effect one of the most beautiful models that are seen in the F1 Pitlane.

Opentech 2012

Pitwall Project.

With great pride, we presented in 2012 the Pitwall Ferrari, a project developed under the supervision of Ferrari's Racing Department and currently in use for the F1 races. A project that required complex engineering studies and tuning. A jewel of technology made ​​entirely of carbon fiber.

Opentech 2012

Project Monitor Drivers.

Something more than just a monitor drivers: we have created internal channels for the passage of air conditioning and a nice design. The light weight is maximum. The materials that make it up, make it unique

Opentech 2012
2013 Full Box.

Passing the entrance to the garage can not be neglet the self-supporting aluminum panels with graphic impact, satellites bright LED highlight the essence of the car and the aesthetic qualities. The timing of completion have been impossible to follow: never mind, the team Opentech has hit the target.

Opentech 2013

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The Opentech corebusiness is primarily based on concept of graphic design and projects aimed at the creation and management of events.
Opentech is a partner of Spagnolo and can rely on technical and engineers, both for the part of design to that of construction, providing customized products according to customer's specific requirements.

The deep cohesion between the two companies is the strength of the Opentech, a lean and flexible company, who can respond quickly, ensuring final product quality and respect for the environment.
Opentech works in the field of exhibition and shares with the client solutions suitable for achieving the objective. The Company is expert in Backdrop and RollUp production and it’s able to provide Electronic incorporated into Design Objects.
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