Prototyping Section

Brand Development.

Opentech is focused on the development of the Brand and the Image that the customer wants to give to the people,  for this reason Opentech uses components created with unique materials, organizes whole areas intended for hospitality, with design chairs, sofas, paintings, lamps custom and leather covering.

Graphic and Design
Autoclaves for composites and carbon.

Lightness and strength are the adjectives most frequently used in the racing industry. This is only one of the reasons why we specialize in the design for the construction of special carbon composite materials and following the procedure complete with process in autoclave.

Lightness and strength
Sinter Machine.

The experience learned in the racing industry has permitted the use of the Sintering Process as a useful mechanism to reduce the time and at the same time to obtain high quality objects. Thickness and type of suitable structural engineering are the primary know-outs collected by our design team.

Speed and quality
Oven Paint.

The ultimate beauty of our projects is obtained through the paint oven. We have carefully selected the only suppliers that are able to meet our demands for obtaining the highest standards of finishing.

Pursuit of Perfection